“I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying.” ― Charlie Chaplin


Burger Night and Washer Toss are both rained out for today.  

This Editor of the Serape is basking in the sun in New Westminster, B.C. Sorry All!!!

Check out the attached Events in the park for all the great activities that should resume tomorrow, weather willing.   Also, attached is the Services in the Park.  A great brochure to keep for those important phone numbers etc.

Line Dancing starts Monday at 9am.

All welcome, especially beginners!!  Please join us for lots of exercise and fun.

Christmas Dinner planning meeting Monday at 4PM in the clubhouse.

This is a great way to meet people.  Christmas dinner is a major event on our social calendar, so do come out and help make it a big success. 




22 ft 2013 Jay Flight, $50 USD per night.  Available from now until the 27 of December, Jan 2 – 21 and Feb 24th until the end of the season.

John and Diane Ford    johnrichardford@gmail.com




Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners


Mahi Mahi fish and chips $100 pesos, Monday December 5th 5PM


Ted #128 has two old style shaw boxes to rent.


BINGO  starts Thursday December 1 at  7PM in the Clubhouse.



Please come to the preliminary meeting to organize the Annual Christmas dinner.   It only happens with lots of help!!

December 1 Clubhouse –  Sorry – should know the time.  Check at the office.

Flip flops are the Glass Slippers of the South!!



Everyone welcome: potluck appetizer🍕🍤🍲, byob 🍷🍺, to say bye👋 and best wishes to STAN & LINDA Binns. Monday Nov 28 5:00 at the pool.

Stan and Linda are leaving LaPenita RV Park  on the 1st of Dec. Going to take their time, plan on spending a few days in all the following, Mazatlan, Huatabampito, Guaymas, Bahia Kino, Santa Ana for a couple of days to explore Magdalina then out through Lukeville.


When you receive your Serape email, double click on the Title and get the whole effect!!!

NEEDED!!     Help with Serape content.  Barbara Conrad will be in the park around Dec 5 or so and will keep me filled in but until then please email me with details.  schnurr.202@gmail.com

Ceci’s poolside cafe??

Sunday Nov 27 5PM

Dinner this Sunday will be at the pool by Ceci and Ada, 5PM $150 pesos for Jagerschnitzel with mushroom gravy (or not) red cabbage salad and fried potatoes.

Starting next Sunday, hamburgers should be back on schedule.


Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened!!



Everyone welcome: potluck appetizer🍕🍤🍲, byob 🍷🍺, to say bye👋 and best wishes to STAN & LINDA Binns. Monday Nov 28 5:00 at the pool.

Stan and Linda are leaving LaPenita RV Park  on the 1st of Dec. Going to take their time, plan on spending a few days in all the following, Mazatlan, Huatabampito, Guaymas, Bahia Kino, Santa Ana for a couple of days to explore Magdalina then out through Lukeville.

We are all gong to miss the Binn’s in our community.  Stan and Linda sent a little story about their LaPenita experince.

Our 1st time to LaPenita RV Park was 2005.

We begged our way with Dorothy and Bill Bell’s caravan.  Dorothy said they were full and didn’t need another rig in the caravan so I told her that we’d just follow the caravan from Tucson to La Penita,  she finally agreed to let us join them.  Marion and Barry Schyer were the first people we met on the caravan.  I fell in love with the jungle and the Mexican people.  Everything fascinated us except for the banos.  They’ve improved greatly.  Our first hour in Guaymas at the Cortez Hotel I managed to fall on the cobblestones but I tucked my camera under my breast to keep it from breaking and bruised several ribs.  Couldn’t take a deep breath for several days.  Our caravan wasn’t uneventful but it was fun.  We reached La Penita and drove into the park and were met by very big spiders hanging from the trees.  It was a banner year for banana spiders.  The white butterflys greeted us at our site and I knew all would be well in our world.
We’ll miss much about La Penita but we’ve also missed much in the U.S.  We’ll travel in the Southwest and California for a few months, go home to Fallon, Nevada for a few months and then take off on another adventure.  After 11 years it’s time for new adventures and a new knee.  There are many people who are special to us but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing them. Thanks for the memories.



golf bag 250 pesos, pull stand 200 pesos or both for 400 pesos. Outdoor water heater – 400 pesos. Small espresso maker 80 pesos. Assorted kitchen items, some decor. Friday, November 25th8:00 am. Saturday November 26th8:00am. Space 68 Flamingo Lane by the pool. The Binns.

Some of the best memories are made in flip flops!!!!

Also, product in Vernon that needs a ride down to LaPenita.  Can anyone help??
Contact Nancy schnurr

A day without sunshine is like, you know, night!!! Steve Martin


Your fearless serape editor is back in canada already after setting up our 5th on the street of dreams.

I am having my second knee replaced tomorrow.  I am assuming all will be great as was the first one.

Between Barbara Conrad and myself, we will be producing the Serape.  I will depend on all of you to feed me updates around the park.  Just email the Serape and I will make it happen.  When Barbara arrives, she will be scouting out activities to make sure everyone knows what is going on in the park.

Any new ideas would be appreciated.

Let your newbie neighbour know to sign up for the Serape so they are in the know.

Nancy Schnurr



Another Fifth Wheel for Rent…¡¡¡¡
Our 20o6 33 ft. Keystone/Challenger is currently available for rent @$50USD/night from Nov. 1 – Dec. 24, Jan. 9 – 7 April. Details available.
Angui & Oscar ( Tizoc )

Also, see John or Diane Ford for their availability.

Or see Carole, for her availability.   Great for when family comes to visit.



There is a couple who who like to travel to La Penita in November or early December from Edmonton. Can they join anyone coming down?

Their email is SurianFsurianfamilyamily@shaw.ca.


Ceci’s Cafe    by the pool!!

We going to have sirloin burger salad and wedged frie potatoes for 75 pesos in Sunday!!!      Sunday November 6 at 5PM.  Come and enjoy good food and catch up on your neighbours summer activities or take the opportunity to meet the newbies.



Deluxe tripod for dish   See Joe Bell for details

Regular tripod for dish.    email schnurr.202@gmail.com

Large satellite dish –  schnurr.202@gmail

If you are interested in any of these items.  This is a do it yourself deal.  Email me and I will help!!




We do not remember days, we remember moments!

Our wonderful friend, OT (Otilia Molina) and her trusted companion, Karo ot12039154_943452309033866_3443488292426387626_o are hanging up their driving gloves.  She says it was a difficult decision but a necessary one.  OT has sold her rig so there will be no changing her mind.  We will miss you alot, OT.  If the winter in Nampa is too cold, come to the park and rent a rig!!


Al Unrau is in a battle with stage IV colon cancer and misses all the good friends he made in LaPenita.  Thinking about you, Al!!


There has been a couple rumours circulating on the internet about problems with TIPs (Temporary Import Permit) going into Mexico. I have been closely monitoring this and updating most of the people in the Park that I thought would be affected. Carole has asked me to post the latest info here for the benefit of anyone I missed and for those with motorhomes (see issue #2).

The first issue was with the weight of the pickup trucks used to tow trailers or 5th wheels. The rumour was that any pickup over 3500kg (7,716#) GVWR would be denied a TIP. While this is technically correct, the rule is being applied ONLY to commercial vehicles and NOT to pickups pulling trailers or 5ths.

The second issue was a rumour that motorhomes and trailers/5ths would now be charged a $400 deposit, the same as presently charged for pickups and toads. Also, the rumour was that the TIPs for motorhomes and trailers/5ths would no longer be for ten years, and would be only for 180 days. This was a baseless rumour and is DEFINITELY FALSE.
I applied online for the TIPS for my 5th and pickup on August 22. I have now received both TIPS, one for my 1 ton pickup (11,600# GVWR) and one for my 5th. There was no deposit for the 5th and the TIP is for 10 years, same as they have always been. I have both holograms right here in my hot little hands.

A couple things to note:
1. If you apply online, the TIPs are being sent out via USPS priority mail rather than DHL courier as was done in previous years. This takes a few days longer.
2. If you are not comfortable with getting your TIP online (strongly recommended) and you run into any difficulties at the border, it is no use to try to argue with the Banjercito staff as they will not budge. You will need to go to the Aduana office and “once the staff of the Customs Office has made a physical inspection of your vehicle and verify that it is a vehicle for the transport of passengers and not a vehicle for cargo transportation” they will issue a waiver for Banjercito to give you your TIP.

If anyone has any questions on this please feel free to contact me.
Murray    403-256-6313


Its almost September! Seems like I just got home and now its time to pack again.
The peso rate will be set at the beginning of the season. I hope the peso will strengthen against the US $. I urge Canadians to change to pesos and not to US dollars and then pesos.
There is a new service I have been using to get money to Mexico. You can send to another person or to yourself. There are several options for picking up the money, banks,telegraph office, Coppel, etc.
If you use a debit card the charge is only $4.00 and the rate is very fair. It is also locked in. The money arrives within about an hour after you are set up. We will be able to take payment this way.


We are doing a Caravan from Tucson to La Penita RV Park to arrive at the park November 1. Contactcarole@lapenitarvpark.com if interested.
We have just joined the Passport America network. This means if you are a member of Passport America you can get up to 3 days at 1/2 of the daily rate. A good introduction to the park and to the many other Passport America Parks.
Trailers for Rent
My Mom and Dads’ trailer is for rent. It is across from the pool in a shady site with a lovely garden if you are inclined. The trailer is a 34 foot Terry with a large slide. It is freshly painted throughout and will have a new stove and mattress. It has a ramp for access so you don’t have to struggle with stairs. The pool and cafe are right there and washrooms are nearby. The site gets a nice breeze and has a view.
The price is $50 per night with a great discount if for a month or more. Contact Carole@lapenitarvpark.com
Also have a small Bigfoot trailer. Great for guests. Has two beds or one bed and bench seats and table. Bathroom with shower. $35 per night. Less for longer stay.
Cancer de Mama needs help. If you can transport product or donate it is very much appreciated.     Offers to transport Cancer de Mama products to LaPenita has been awesome.   This summer I picked up and delivered all over the Okanagan.    Just in the Okanagan area, I was able to drop off 9 boxes of product for transportation.   Most everyone got a relatively small box because I had so much help.  Thank you, thank you.
I have more donations to pick up in the Vancouver area in the next couple of weeks and would deperately like a few more people from the Lower Mainland to transport.   Larry and I will be picking up a donation just off I-5 somewhere in Oregon so we are saving a little room for that.
Please email Nancy      schnurr.202@gmail.com if you could help me out.
Also, don’t forget those school supplies, Christmas toys and Wheelchairs and walkers. Everything helps.

 More rentals
Our 2013 22 ft. Jayco is currently available for rent @$50USD/night from Nov. 15 – Dec. 26, Jan. 2 – 21 and Feb. 24 – Mar 25th. Details available.
John and Diane Ford

A little piece of info!!
I washed the day part of our day/night shades.   Turned our beautifully!!
We took the shade down from the wall, held it over the kitchen sink with just the day part showing and I washed it thoroughly with Oxyclean disolved in warm water.   Rinsed it well and hung up out side to dry.

Amazingly bright and clean.  This might be old news but I was impressed!!

What hair color do they put on the driver’s licenses

of bald men?